What if Pokemon were real pets

Let’s face it.  If we could trade all the animals in the world to have Pokemon instead, we totally would.  I mean, who doesn’t want a Pikachu?  Instead of having to have pet sitters, our pets would live comfortably in their pokeballs as we all go to work!  There wouldn’t be any urine in our carpets!  Not only that, but our sofas and furniture wouldn’t get chewed on.  Well, at least while we’re not home.

Instead of having illegal dog fights, people will have their pokemon battles fair and square.  It would be so awesome.


Pokemon regulation?

Obviously, there would be new sets of laws and regulations to have dangerous Pokemon such as Garydos, Charizard, and Blastoise to name a few.  They’re large and have a lot of testosterone.  Can you imagine the damage they could do?  Certain creatures would also have to be leashed if you’re going to take them for a walk.  Hopefully when you would see a neighbor walking down the street, their Pokemon wouldn’t try to fight yours!

New Olympics?

This would open up a world of new sports and new Olympic events.  WE aleady have the summer and winter olympics, but we would probably have the spring and fall Poke-lympics too?  THat would be killer.  It would stimulate the economy and encourage others to train their pets!  There would be new blogs on training them, and funny Youtube videos too. Ahhh can you imagine? Where they would not only fight, but also compete in their own non combative sporting events.


What do these little creatures eat?  I don’t think I have ever seen them eat anything in the shows?  All the grocery stores in America would then have poke-food.  How adorable would that be!?  I bet when you’re driving down the highway, strong pokemon such as Machamp could help you with roadside assistance.

What do you think?

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Have you noticed the Carpet in Dragon Ball Z?

Dragon Ball Z is probably my favorite anime show of all time.  When I say probably, I mean most definitely.  Watching Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Trunks, and the other characters sore through the sky and beat the heck out of each other is extremely entertaining.  I have always wanted to be a super sayen!  I mean, honestly, who doesn’t?  You get the crazy awesome blonde spiked up hair and ridiculous power.  You’re pretty much unstoppable!  I know everyone agrees when I say that they drag out the episodes way too long.  It seems like they show shots of the characters standing in battle just snarling at each other before any battle begins.  If they can cut that out of the show, everyone would be so much happier.

When Goku and Vegeta are fighting in the city, one of them punches the other sending them crashing through a building!  Ouch!  They sure are strong to take an attack like that and keep fighting!


I couldn’t help but notice the flooring in this anime show.  There is no visual texture on the carpet, tile and grout, or any rugs.  I suppose the artists who create these anime shows focus more of their work on the texture of the characters.

But really..

This show seems to be set in the future.  i honestly wonder what their floors are made of.  Are they still using nylon and wool in their rugs?  Or are they using fibers of different animals?  I mean come on!  Some body has to be asking the same questions!

I’m also wondering how exactly the people in Dragon Ball Z land maintain their floors?  Do they use steam cleaning?  Do they used less water?  It would be really cool if they have a self cleaning method where the floors, carpets, and tile clean themselves!  That is something our world could use:  Self cleaning.

Seriously though, if their dogs pee in the carpet, how do they clean it up?  I can’t imagine Vegeta using a bottle of Resolve to get the pet stain out!  We know his wife, Bulma, wouldn’t be cleaning it up!  She would be yelling and screaming at him!  For such a tough guy, he sure does take a lot of grief from his wife.  I don’t understand how their kid turned out so well.


What are your thoughts on this?  Have you all noticed the carpet in this show?  Anime art is usually done so well, but Dragon Ball Z needs to put more focus on the architecture and carpet for sure!